Welcome to Zocular! We offer a complete suite of products to fit your practice needs whether you specialize in eye care, skin care or lash extensions. Join our Network of Zocular Professionals today to enhance the scope and quality of your practice.

EYE CARE: Zocular products makes any treatment you perform or prescribe in your clinic better, either alone or in combination with other procedures like IPL, radio frequency, or thermal pulsation. But even more than this, Zocular solves one of the most challenging and frustrating problem clinicians and patients struggle with every day – the inability to provide immediate, long-lasting clinical improvement within minutes. With a simple in-office ZEST procedure using our ZocuKit pack, dry eye symptoms as measured by SPEED score can improve by at least 50%.

All Zocular products incorporate our patented Zokrex technology with activated okra polysaccharide complex and is the only other clinically proven system to demonstrate effectiveness against Demodex1. Register to become a Zocular Professional to learn more about how to implement Zocular for your dry eye practice. 

 SKIN CARE: Despite the differences between two organ systems, Zocular products are effective both the eyes and the skin and provides the perfect complement for any aesthetic or dermatology practice. Our ZocuZap towelette is a once daily cleanser and moisturizer that has been shown to clinically improve the appearance of acne blemishes. ZocuFill Fine Line & Wrinkle Filler delivers maximum therapeutic results that you can see within just a few weeks.

LASH CARE: When it comes to caring for eyelashes, there’s no better option than our ZocuFoam Cleanser & Moisturizer. Zocular products were developed by an ophthalmologist to be gentle but highly effective for the eyelids. Every pump of ZocuFoam sends our ZocusomeTM bodies, which are micelles coated with activated okra complex, deep into the eyelash and lash extensions to maintain their health. The okra complex in our Zokrex technology is derived from fresh okra and is so innovative that there are already 3 issued patents1. Extend the reach and caliber of your lash business today.